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  This is unlike anything you have seen to date.   We are extremely serious about bringing a ton of creature comforts into a vehicle that is state of the art.   Using the latest technology programmable drive systems,  we are able to create a driving experience never before available while cruising in near SILENCE!   That is,  unless you crank up the stereo with acoustically tuned speaker system.  Yes we were  THINKING!!


Using a joystick to control the vehicle, a user with no experience can safely navigate the electric versions in less than 2 minutes of instruction.  The loveseat models can actually be operated from either seat as the stick is in the middle.   Simply lean the stick in the direction you want to go and your off.  Center or release the stick and the brakes are applied automatically.  The brakes are automatically released when the stick is activated and your off again.  Extremely simple.  That was our goal.  The gas versions require a little more instruction as they have higher top speeds and different driving characteristics. 

 Now...what to do with it.

Our machines are similar in function to a golf cart while still very different.  How about reading a book outside in a comfy chair? Who would go jump in a golf cart to snuggle up with a good book?  How about taking a nap or getting a tan? What if you could go fishing from the pier?  Simply being outside in a comfy chair is a great experience.  The ability to move to face other scenery or seek a shade tree effortlessly is priceless.  This is relaxation at its best.  Fergie takes the grand kids for ice cream at the local ice cream shop almost every weekend during the summer.  I took the chairs out a few nights before Christmas just to see the homes lit up in the neighborhood.  The temperature was brisk but it was so much better than viewing the lights from inside a car.  It was awesome and a little hot cocoa made up for the chill. The possibilities are endless.

   Most of our family has their own.  They are a blast in a group.  We can cruise and hang out with friends at the same time.  Want to zip over to the park?  No problem.  Carry a beverage or two??  Again no problem.  They make great track or campground vehicles.  If you are into racing and spend a great deal of time at race tracks,  this is the choice of vehicles to tool around in.  Put your own logos on it or have us do it for you.  Cook outs.  Cook outs are the best.  No folding chair for you!  Just don't get up,  it wont be there when you get back.   Don't worry about a little spill on the chair as they are made to be easily cleaned.  


If it never leaves your garage and just creates a cool seat to enjoy the day from with the door open,  your sure to enjoy it. This certainly will make your friends envious.   

These are hand crafted machines,  well built and made to last.  If you are into people,  it certainly commands the attention of all that are around you.  I must warn you that smiles and admiration will follow with ownership of one of these machines.  People WILL ask to photograph it over and over again.  If you are a social person,  this is absolutely a great way to break the ice.   They grow on you like you wouldn't believe.  Be prepared to own at least two.  Its kinda like a tattoo.  Once you have one,  your HOOKED!!!







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