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Cloaking Mechanism

(Humor section)

Yes its here!!  At Armchair Cruisers we have thought of it all!  Let us introduce you to our experimental cloaking mechanism.  Understand that the bugs are still being worked out and this option is NOT Fool proof but offers at least some protection from the Fuzz and the sun simultaneously.   Lets take a look at it.

You will notice the cloaking device cradled firmly in Fergs hands.   This was a FAILED experiment and I will point out the mistakes made here. 

Notice the cloaking device resembles a news paper.  Proper deployment of the cloaking device should make the users face almost invisible to all in front of him or her.   Had the device been deployed properly, we should see the shine of his dome simply disappear before us.  

This leads us to problem number 2.  The cloak was deployed far too late.  Always deploy the cloaking mechanism  before the cherries come on.   This is critical.  Upon first sight of a squad car simply veer into the neighbors lawn.    Deploy the cloaking mechanism and pretend to be a sleep.  Snores often help but DON'T over do it.   An over zealous rookie could have you in the Heimlich maneuver before you know it thinking you may have choked on your half eaten Ham sandwich.  

Misdirection.  Misdirection is the key when all other defenses have failed.  An experienced Armchair Cruiser Jockey will always keep a few doughnuts available.  Thank the officers for waking you and offer them a Krispy Kreme.  At that point, mesmerized by your kindness, and your fine taste in pastries, you and your fine chair are usually off to new adventures.  


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